Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Things First.

Last time I climbed any kind of rope was in Junior High. And I'm pretty sure it was actually a pole, not a rope. So that meant no swinging around, no wobbly-ness, and no instability.

You wouldn't know it, but one go on the rope will leave you tired. Try 2 times without stepping foot on the ground and you'll be pooped. Now when I show up to class I'm excited, but semi-dreading climbing the rope fully a few times.

After learning a few things I realize that I'm quickly getting attached to the rope. Somehow it feels better than the tissue. Yes tissue is silky, soft, stretchy, and much more comfortable. But the sturdy, solid feeling of a rope is undeniably good. With rope comes more pain indeed.

I am sore in the strangest spots on my shoulders and arms. My upper abs are sore too. And you do a death grip with your hands and the backs of your leg/knee when you hang. Weird how you never have to grip with that part of your leg and it feels so sensitive. Bruising. Worth it though.

But here is what I learned:


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