Sunday, September 20, 2009

And So it Begins.

Does anyone ever really go "Hm I'd like to venture into the world of circus arts." Seriously? I mean, I didn't grow up thinking it was a possibility. We did dance and gymnastics, not aerial arts. Then a while ago I saw a circus performance with little kids and I was blown away. I immediately fell in love with tissue and knew I had to learn.



I started daydreaming about learning. I started telling people. It became my goal. I just didn't know how, or where, or who the hell would teach me. Then Kinetic Arts (circus & fitness center) opened up in Oakland and TA DA! Place to learn. Accessible, good people, and high rope and tissue (some places only have 15 feet).

So now I'm 3 classes in. This blog is to show progress. Pictures, mishaps, tell the world how sore I am, show videos, etc.

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