Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Class: December 1st

I went to a hand balancing class today. It helps strengthen your core, arms, and shoulders. Really good for aerial rope.

Thanksgiving was good. I feel stuffed like a little piglet. Missed a couple classes because of a little holiday break.

I have videos and pictures from the last class. Unfortunately I have been having problems with rotating videos. So that means I have a bunch of videos I can't post right now. Once I get them rotated I will post where they belong--I have a great one from this class. We learned a new climb called "the creature climb" and it's pretty ridiculous.

While we were there a little girl (nicknamed "super baby") was strapped in a harness and pulled up high. She loved it.

She's up almost 30 feet high!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Did a new trick on Friday. There were a few classes I spent practicing the first part of this move--holding yourself up on the rope in a certain way. At that point I only got as far as holding myself up for a second and finishing the trick if Jaron took hold and flipped me into the trick.

I randomly tried again on Friday though and did it! Exciting. It definitely needs work though. My legs could go into a wider straddle and it needs to be way more graceful.

It is definitely a lot harder than it looks. I have a couple videos from this class, but I couldn't get all of them rotated right side up. I'll have to deal with it and post more later.

Note to self: straighten back so this looks more pretty. Luiza kept saying "straighten out!!" but I didn't really understand what she was talking about at the moment. Now looking at the picture I see what she meant.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Working on balance. Working on strength. Mind body connection is so important for aerial and everything that you do.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Upside down.

Being upside down is still just as confusing as it was when I started aerial. It's harder to know which way your hips are facing and what looks pretty. I thought of something earlier I wanted to write in here, but now I can't remember.

What are my arms doing?! And it looks like I'm making a peace sign.

My arms are still weird. . .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Woah. What happened to October. It flew by. I haven't updated in a bit. I can't lie-I've been lagging with my classes. Life has been a bit crazy. The center added chinese poll so we took some time to play. Also, tried out stilts-hard.

In that 2nd to last pic we were learning how to hang upside down by just one ankle. Super painful. Looks semi-cool though. . .when you're not doing it while laying on the mat and getting totally stuck.

Oh and I'm still on my quest to be able to do splits within one year. I should start blogging my progress every 3 mo. on here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where Did My Strength Go?

Class was full today. Feeling tired. Didn't actually get a good training in. Was going to take pictures, but my camera battery died. I climbed up high to try the drop I learned last class, but promptly forgot. Especially with all eyes watching me. Not so great when you are hanging upside down 20 feet off the ground. It was okay though. A good reminder that I need to stay on top with training.

Pictures to come next time. I'm sure more videos as well.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh So Wrong.

I was oh so wrong about today. No whining. Had a ton of fun. A good example of how even if you're feeling low energy and poopy you should get to a class anyway! It's definitely a mood enhancer.

We learned a new drop. I only tried it 3x. The last time I was a little more familiar with the motions and made it possible for my drop to be bigger and tried to focus on form. It was so amazing! I screamed out and started laughing in delight. It's like a rollercoaster except way cooler.

Mini Break Over

Last time we had class we tried something called spanish web. You spin around and it looks really pretty. I found it painful for whatever reason, maybe because my wrists are strange. I didn't really get into it, but it is fun to watch.

Oh and drop with both of us. This time right side up!

For some reason I started wrapping myself (the tissue around my leg) for something else which resulted in a lot of adjusting. Not sure why I did that.

Class today in a bit. After a mini break away. We'll see. Pretty low energy due to girly reasons, but I'm going to refrain from whining.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So sore and whiny today. I was a terrible student, awfully annoying. I feel sensitive and sore all over. Worked at a much lower level than I have the other days. Before class started I said to my sister "I don't feel like climbing the rope and things" and one of the girls chimed in with "you don't have to take the class!" and gave me a funny look. But really, yes I do.

The thing about learning something, improving, and building strength is that you don't skip it just because you're feeling sore or exhausted or emotional. I'm committed to learning and improving. I expect the bruises, soreness, pain, and that sometimes I just won't feel like it. Doesn't mean I love it any less, or that I'm no longer interested. And it also doesn't mean I'm going to just throw it aside. I do believe in taking days off for sure, but I do know sometimes I just won't feel like it.

But Kudos to Jaron for dealing with my whiny self today. No aerial class tomorrow, have to go back to my hometown (hour away) and get a cavity filled.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Feeling mentally and physically exhausted today. Pulling over backwards on the rope (starting point for the tricks I've learned) feels like it's getting harder. I'm staying constantly sore and tiring myself out. Climbing the rope is definitely getting easier though--it's great to feel that progress. Taking class again tomorrow.

Being a beginner has been inspirational. I love it. I feel like we are constantly learning as children, and less so as adults. How often do you pick up something that you know absolutely nothing about, commit, follow through, and put in a fair amount of time? It's quite humbling and oh so worth it.

A couple pics from the last few days:

Woops I'm not fully doing the trick. I'm staring over at my sister with a big smile on my face. You can't see it, but we were spinning around (naturally) in circles and it's so much fun to look over and see her!

Awesome space, huh?

Having a laugh while hanging upside down.

Ta da!

And a video (learning to do a drop!). Unfortunately we couldn't rotate it right side up, but whatever. You get the point. It's obviously a bit of a struggle for me as you can see. Yay being a beginner! It can only get easier, right?

Note to Self: Record video of tricks at the beginning of class not the end. I was feeling worn out, I could barely get myself upside down and prepared on the rope so I could start this trick! I need to build more strength. I am healthy and the strongest I've ever been, but I have to build a new kind of strength and flexibility.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Things First.

Last time I climbed any kind of rope was in Junior High. And I'm pretty sure it was actually a pole, not a rope. So that meant no swinging around, no wobbly-ness, and no instability.

You wouldn't know it, but one go on the rope will leave you tired. Try 2 times without stepping foot on the ground and you'll be pooped. Now when I show up to class I'm excited, but semi-dreading climbing the rope fully a few times.

After learning a few things I realize that I'm quickly getting attached to the rope. Somehow it feels better than the tissue. Yes tissue is silky, soft, stretchy, and much more comfortable. But the sturdy, solid feeling of a rope is undeniably good. With rope comes more pain indeed.

I am sore in the strangest spots on my shoulders and arms. My upper abs are sore too. And you do a death grip with your hands and the backs of your leg/knee when you hang. Weird how you never have to grip with that part of your leg and it feels so sensitive. Bruising. Worth it though.

But here is what I learned:


And So it Begins.

Does anyone ever really go "Hm I'd like to venture into the world of circus arts." Seriously? I mean, I didn't grow up thinking it was a possibility. We did dance and gymnastics, not aerial arts. Then a while ago I saw a circus performance with little kids and I was blown away. I immediately fell in love with tissue and knew I had to learn.



I started daydreaming about learning. I started telling people. It became my goal. I just didn't know how, or where, or who the hell would teach me. Then Kinetic Arts (circus & fitness center) opened up in Oakland and TA DA! Place to learn. Accessible, good people, and high rope and tissue (some places only have 15 feet).

So now I'm 3 classes in. This blog is to show progress. Pictures, mishaps, tell the world how sore I am, show videos, etc.