Thursday, February 25, 2010


Lack of updates. Woops. Have been good about going to class. We played with expression a couple classes ago. It was really fun. We know a combination of stuff and enough to play around now. It was more of a dance and paying attention to all the extra movements. It made me a bit nervous with people watching, but I forgot as soon as I was up there and had a lot of fun. It felt so good! Very relaxing.

Pictures of random stuff, not necessarily of still tricks--but getting into them or doing them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Had aerial rope class this morning. A lot of people came. Didn't really take any pictures of rope work. Worked on some balancing afterward.

woops, wrong way to do it.

There we go, that's right.

and then there's always this one.

My shoulders are in pain today, but it's so much fun how could I resist. With rope class today I needed to do more climbs, I'll have to be better about it next time. All in all a fun class though, and I know I'll be (even more) sore tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Long Time.

It's been a long time. Unfortunately haven't taken class in a while because I was sick and then I got LASIK. Time to get back into it though.

Went to hand balancing today. Back and shoulders are feeling sore already. Made it my goal to do a 2 minute handstand today when we timed (someone spots you) and managed! Oh hello pain, there you are.

Aaaand I'm up. Ta da! Crazy how it's so much harder than it looks. We also did some of the same things from my last blog post (up and down with blocks, balancing on the red bench). My camera died after taking only 4 pictures, so no more. And it looks like I have to clean the lens.

Aerial rope class on Friday morning--will have an update soon.