Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Feeling mentally and physically exhausted today. Pulling over backwards on the rope (starting point for the tricks I've learned) feels like it's getting harder. I'm staying constantly sore and tiring myself out. Climbing the rope is definitely getting easier though--it's great to feel that progress. Taking class again tomorrow.

Being a beginner has been inspirational. I love it. I feel like we are constantly learning as children, and less so as adults. How often do you pick up something that you know absolutely nothing about, commit, follow through, and put in a fair amount of time? It's quite humbling and oh so worth it.

A couple pics from the last few days:

Woops I'm not fully doing the trick. I'm staring over at my sister with a big smile on my face. You can't see it, but we were spinning around (naturally) in circles and it's so much fun to look over and see her!

Awesome space, huh?

Having a laugh while hanging upside down.

Ta da!

And a video (learning to do a drop!). Unfortunately we couldn't rotate it right side up, but whatever. You get the point. It's obviously a bit of a struggle for me as you can see. Yay being a beginner! It can only get easier, right?

Note to Self: Record video of tricks at the beginning of class not the end. I was feeling worn out, I could barely get myself upside down and prepared on the rope so I could start this trick! I need to build more strength. I am healthy and the strongest I've ever been, but I have to build a new kind of strength and flexibility.

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